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Maybe not so super-Supernatural season nine recap

Hmmmm. So I love this show and all. Have since the beginning-but season nine was…underwhelming. It had it’s moments sure, but a lot of the season arcs were thrown together in an episode or two coming up to mid season … Continue reading

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“Who’s replacing more humans?” – The Monolith (Mad Men)

It’s early in the summer of 1969, a few months away from the moon landing, and as SCDP installs a giant state of the art computer, technology is on everyone’s mind. “These machines can be a metaphor for whatever’s on … Continue reading

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“A second chance to define who we are” – X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men Days of Future Past is the story of how a heroin addicted Vietnam veteran learns to stop being so possessive of his ex-girlfriend and to trust her to make her own decisions. Also there’s a claw guy or something. … Continue reading

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“I’m not gonna like this, am I?” – Son of Batman

Hooboy. I try to strike a positive tone when I write these pieces and keep the focus on the merits of the piece of pop culture I’m talking about, but…. Hooboy. After his grandfather, A-list Bat-villain Ra’s Al Ghul, is … Continue reading

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The Last Of Us skin

Guys. This. This. I want it. I want it now. A games retailer in Portugal has just announced this very very cool PS4 skin, that best of all is being given free with pre-orders of The Last of Us pre-orders … Continue reading

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And on the fourth hour, given unto Jack shall be a lunch hour(24:Live Another Day Episode 4 recap)

OK, maybe lunch break is a bit harsh. He did take three hostages, shoot 2 marines, recover a vital piece of evidence from a highly secured prisoner, evade capture from both CIA agents and Marines and knocked out a security … Continue reading

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All the elements of a great season(Elementary season 2 recap)

The season opened with bringing Sherlock back to his origins, which was in fact new ground for us. Yes, we start the season by going to London. We are introduced to the character of Lestrade, whom Sherlock worked with when … Continue reading

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