Summer Rewatch –The Package (Lost)



Back to the good aul fashioned flash-sideways format this episode(has it been one whole episode already?!), this time focused on Sun and Jin. Things in sideways-ville open with Jin being let go by airport customs, but the 25k given to him by Suns father, his boss, is confiscated. Defeated, he leaves.

As they sign into their hotel, Jin’s paranoia over his secret relationship with Sun being discovered comes through as he somewhat aggressively insists that he has a seperate room to Sun to the hotel clerk, who assumes they are together.

That night, Jin comes to Sun’s hotel room to tell her he’s going to go to the restaurant to deliver the watch, even without the money. Sun insists he has nothing to worry about, and proceeds to seduce him and tell him to ease his mind. When they wake up the next morning, they briefly discuss the possibility of eloping, only to be interrupted by Keamy, who . Sure enough he’s after his 25k, and agrees to let Sun go to the bank to get the money while he holds Jin at the restaurant as leverage. I wonder what will happen next?!

Sun discovers that her father has closed her account, quite probably because he knows about her relationship with Jin. Meanwhile Jin is being restrained in the freezer that Sayid found him in a couple of episodes ago. Keamy, believing that Jin can’t understand him, reveals that the money was Keamy’s fee for murdering Jin for entering into a relationship with Sun. Overprotective parenting at it’s finest.

Jin later hears Sayid’s gunshots(you guessed it, the same gunshots from a few wpisodes ago!) and draws his attention. Sayid coldly tells Jin that he doesn’t care why he’s there, but does place a knife into Jin’s hands so that he can cut himself free, and leaves with a “good luck.” The translator arrives back at the reataurant with Sun to find the dead bodies left by Sayid. Keamy is still alive, and as the translator talks to him, Jin sneaks up on him and places a gun at his head. A short fistfight ensues, but Jin gets the gun and kills him. In the skirmish Sun was shot, and reveals that she is pregnant.

As for the pivotal island, the episode opens on a paranormal activity type night vision camera spying on is apparently the man Jin was meant to meet at the restaurant. Wait a minute. Keamy. Jin. Restaurant. Connections are forming….Smokey’s camp, obviously Widmore’s work. Smokey plays nice leader with Jin enquiring about his leg, and continues to do so for the episode. That creepy bad guy niceness. Smokey tells Jin that all of the candidates must leave the island simultaneously.

Smokey then goes onto Sayid, to tell him that he’s going to “run an errand”. Nobody could have deduced he was going to get Sun-it’s not like he hadn’t mentioned it a hundred times before or anything. Sayid tells Smokey that he doesn’t feel anything anymore, and Smokey tells him that will be an advantage for “what;s coming next.” Jin begins to make a dash for it to find Sun, but as Sawyer argues with him, trying to convince him to stay, the entire camp is darted and Jin is taken away by Widmore’s helpers.

Now onto the beachies(geddit-cos they live on a beach?), squabble over the best course of action. Ilana insists that Hurley will return with Richard, but Ben argues, quite fairly, that the last time they saw Richard he ran off into the jungle screaming that the island was hell. Apparently that’s becoming a thing now, as Sun storms off in a temper.

Jack follows her, to discuss the whole candidate thing, and Sun makes it clear she has no interest in being a candidate, or their supposed destiny.


Back in her garden, Sun gets a visit from Locke(shocker right!), who attempts to sway her mind and convince her to come to their camp, telling her that Jin is back at his camp. He tries to justify his massacre at the temple, but Sun runs, deciding not to trust him.


Back on the island, Ben finds Sun near the garden, unconscious. She can only speak Korean, though she can understand English, and she tells Ben that Locke did this to her. Locke gets back to his camp to find everyone unconscous, but only seems particularly concerned for Jin. Jin finds himself in a room that was apprently used for experiments on subliminal messaging by the Dharma intiiative. Widmores right hand woman stuns him when he decides he wants to leave. They want Jin’s help with some maps it seems. Jin demands to see Widmore.

Locke resolves to get over to the second island to get Jin back, arming Sayid. Claire voices her concern that because she’s not a candidate, Smokey doesn’t care about her. Locke allays her concerns, though she says she doesn’t care because her son thinks Kate is her mother. locke asserts that he needs Kate to recruit the three beachies he needs, but that if she were to die after that he wouldn’t be put out by it.


Ilana reminds us that even though she accepted ben back, she doesn’t trust him, as she questions whether or  not he attacked Sun. Richard returns and tells them to “Pack their bags.”

On the beach, Smokey is confronted with some pylons that he cannot get past. Widmore confronts him, and they play “powerful old man stand-off.” Widmore denies taking Jin, and Smokey warns Widmore that he has started a war.

Richard deduces that Smokey wants to leave the island using the crashes plane, and their best way of stopping him is to destroy the plane. Sun opposes this plan, insisting that she only came here to find Jin and leave the island.


Back at Hydra island, it appears Widmore isn’t happy that Zoey captured Jin, whihc apparently wasn’t supposed to happen for days. Widmore hands Jin a camera with photos of Sun and his daughter whom he has never seen. Widmore tries to use this to sway Jin in the battle, by explaining that he, his family, and every other family on the planet would suffer if Smokey left the island. He wants to show Jin “the package”, who he reveals is a person.

Sideways into the freezer in the restaurant,

Back on the beach, Jack gives Sun a paper and pen so that she can communicate.In a touching scene, Jack hands Sun a “stubborn tomato” from the garden of dead tomatoes Sun had put all of her work into. Sun says that she doesn’t trust Locke, but she does trust Jack.

Smokey arrives back a camp, without Jin or Sayid. Sayid has swum out to Hydra island just in time to see the package-a man named Desmond.


Our Thoughts:


There was actually a lot I liked about this episode, and I’m finding myself warming to the show more and more(just in time to finish it!) Although expected, the tie-in between Jin and Sayid’s stories in the sideways universe was cool. But what I really liked about it was how much we can sympathise with Jin and Sun.

As a newcomer, of course I didn’t know much about any of these characters. But Jin and Sun are two of the characters it is so so easy to sympathise with. A couple who are clearly very much in love, desperate to find each other again. The sideways universe showed how willing they were to overcome any obstacles to remain together in the “could-have-been” world as well, and with their talks of eloping, and Sun willing to give up her money for Jin, you can’t help but root for them.

Both of them went against their camps as well, and I think really drove home the point that this is not a plain good versus evil situation. It’s made pretty clear by Richard that the right thing to do is to blow up the plane to stop Smokey getting away. All of the others seem to agree, but Sun specifically says that she doesn’t care about “saving the world.” She just wants to see her husband and get off the island. This isn’t the right call. It’s not the typical “good guy” call. But it’s the call she makes, and the call most people in her situation would make. It makes it so easy to invest in her character.

Jin shows the same resilience in wanting to get back to Sun, and the scene where he tears up as he looks at the photos of his daughter make it impossible not to want a happy ever after for this family.

Sawyer mightn’t have featured much this episode, but two of his brief lines stood out for me. The line where he poked fun at the sheer craziness of their situation, and the show, by saying that Smokey being able to smoke his way off the island “would be ridiculous” was fantastic. And we got to see through his whole tough guy facade as he confessed to Kate that he was terrified, and just better at hiding his fear than others.

I really liked the scene between Jack and Sun at the end, which made me like Jack more too(sorry Cian, I know it’s not what you want to hear!) But he seems like a good leader, someone who actually cares about his camp. It’s a stark contrast to Locke, who tells Claire that once Kate has served her purpose, “whatever happens, happens.”

The gifting of the tomato was a really nice touch. Everything went to shit around it, but it survived. Please, please let that be a metaphor for the beachies. I’m really rooting for them now.

But this episode really made Sayid unlikable, a least for me. His pure indifference to whether Jin lived or died in the sideways universe, and his little speech about not feeling anything. Although on that, it makes me wonder about him. He clearly won’t feel sympathy or compassion, but likewise he can’t be evil as a result, as he does not desire misery for others either. I wonder if it might make him a bit of a wild card going into the seasons end?

Also, kinda feel I missed out on a bg reveal there at the end, felt as though I’m probably meant to know who Desmond is.

So Cian, were you a fan of this episode? Are you a fan of Sun and Jin? Did Jack’s awesome leadership sway you at all, or are you too annoyed at him for seasons past?


Woah woah woah, Noel. I’m glad youre finding your feet and starting to appreciate Lost, but I can’t in good conscience let the phrase “Jack’s awesome leadership” stand unchallenged on our blog.

I can see why, as someone coming to the series with fresh eyes, you may view Jack as a good leader and a likeable character. But it took a lot of time, character development, arrogant decisions and poorly judged facial hair (shout out to that one Season 3 episode with the Jackbeard!) to get to that point. Roughly 5 seasons of time, or five years of my life, if you wanted to put a number on it. Jack’s newfound non-assholeness has been extremely hard won,is my point.

So while I will grant you though that Jack is currently the least annoying he has been so far in the show’s run, and while his new man of science/man of faith fusion outlook is a refreshing change, he still kind of hasn’t done anything yet. I’m gonna hold my horses on calling Jack’s leadership policies “awesome” until he does something more than hand a crying woman a tomato, ya know?

It’s funny, on paper Jin and Sun storylines should be right up my alley: they have a nice star-crossed lovers vibe and the Korea scenes were, particularly in the early 2000’s, territory that no other American TV show really explored. I really like Jin’s journey from a cold and uncaring brute to a big ole softy (and the flashback episode’s reveal that he had in fact been a big ole softy to begin with, before Sun’s father got his hooks in him). And they’ve got that cute little baby.

Yup, on paper the Jin and Sun episodes should be the highlight of each season for me, but for some reason they’re just…not.

I wish I could put my finger on why exactly that is. I think a lot of it comes from the repetitiveness that started to creep into their flashback stories after season 1.  This wasn’t helped by the fact that every Korea-set scene seemed to be set in either a hotel or an office building? (I appreciate that this was probably a cost saving move, but man did those scenes start to bleed together after a while).

That said, while “The Package” didn’t grab my attention as much as some other episodes this season, the changes to the established Jin and Sun story (They’re not married now! Her father wants him dead!) and the intersection with the slowly forming Flash-Sideways plot kept me more or less engaged.

Luckily it doesen’t seem like my engagement levels will be a problem with next week’s Desmond centered story. Say what you will  about Desmond episodes, they’re never boring!

Stray Thoughts:


  • Starting to realise that this show has some superb characters, with Jack, Sawyer, and Sun in particular standing out.


  • Who the heck is Desmond?


  • What exactly defines Smokey’s war? He knew Widmore was against him, and was taking measures against him. Does he plan to straight up massacre everyone on Hydra island like he did at the temple, or is there something more to his plan?


  • Why is everyone except Sun totally cool with blowing up their one way off the island? Sure it’s the heroic thing to do, but literally nobody would be okay with that plan. I sure as hell wouldn’t.


  • The big reveal from Zoe’s spying on Camp Smokey: UnLocke walking around the camp spinning a stick between his fingers and whistling. I guess that’s what he does in his downtime?


  • “Unless Alpert is covered in bacon grease, I’m not sure Hurley can track anything” – Jesus, Miles, generally I like your smartass comments, but that was just kind of a dicky thing to say.


  • Ben: “Why won’t you believe me?”  Ilana: “Because you’re speaking.”


  • Further proof that Richard is an idiot: upon being told that Sun can only speak Korean now, his next question to her is “What’d Locke say?”


  • Sun, Sun, Sun of the jungle…watch out for that tree!!!



About the Authors:

A lifelong TV addict since his first episode of Sesame Street, Cian Sheppard works as an English teacher in Germany and thinks you look very nice today.

Rumored to have been born with a games controller in his hand, Noel Gleeson works as a cashier in Ireland and loves all things pop culture.


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