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“Now we’re much too old for this, and I don’t feel those kinds of things” – Get Hurt (The Gaslight Anthem)

  It’s a strange, fun and often slightly embarrassing experience revisiting the things you loved as a teenager. Blue-collar New Jersey rockers The Gaslight Anthem’s breakout album, The 59 Sound, hit me at the just the right time in my … Continue reading

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Flashpoints – Fastest Man Alive

His name is Barry Allen and he is the faste- not even doing his own intro. Well that’s speedsters for you! The Flash: The fastest man alive begins with Barry racing through central city saving people from a burning building. … Continue reading

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“That’s how this planet grows. A series of catastrophes.” – In the Forest of the Night (Doctor Who)

Oh. Well, I guess no winning streak continues unbroken forever… After a class sleepover in the Natural History Museum, Clara, Danny, and a group of their students wake to find the whole of London covered by a giant forest. Elsewhere … Continue reading

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Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor Review

I know. I know. I’m behind on television shows as is, I probably should be focusing on getting those caught up. But I’ve had such a tremendous amount of fun with this game that I had to take some time … Continue reading

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Summer Rewatch: The End (Lost) – Part 1

Cian: We know we’re a little late with this one. Sorry bout that! To paraphrase Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, “Life gets in the way.” We’ve almost made it to the end folks, but since we have a thesis-sized pile … Continue reading

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“Does this mean I’m you now?” – Flatline (Doctor Who)

“That job could change a man” said prospective companion Perkins last week when turning down a chance to be a TARDIS passenger. “It frequently does.” the Doctor quipped in response, but why does life in the timeship change people, and … Continue reading

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Flashpoints – City of Heroes

The day is finally here! Opening to an angelic musical hum and Barry’s self introduction The Flash series begins. The opening itself: ‘My name is Barry Allen, I am the fastest man alive’ is taken from Mark Waids beloved run … Continue reading

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