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“Show a bad girl how it’s done.” – Death in Heaven (Doctor Who)

Death in Heaven is the long-awaited finale of Doctor Who’s eighth series, and… it has a lot going on. Picking up from last week’s cliffhanger, the mysterious Missy has revealed that she’s really classic Who bad-guy the Master, regenerated into … Continue reading

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Flashpoints – Going Rogue

So, I began watching the Flash ‘Going Rogue’ squealing and giggling like the little fangirl I am because it’s MOTHA FLIPPIN CAPTAIN COLD! Our story begins with Barry and the S.T.A.R labs crew pushing Barry to test the limits of … Continue reading

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Fan-Fiction: The Supernatural 200th!

Say what you will about Supernatural-crappy 7th seasons, recycled tropes, etcetera-a show that makes it to 200 episodes over ten years is doing something right! I don’t think I’ve ever said this to you guys, in any other post about … Continue reading

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“Actions speak louder than words. Violent actions speaking the loudest.” – Arkham Origins

A swimming pool high up in a classy hotel tower: I swing up to a gothic stone gargoyle (which was installed in a high rise hotel swimming pool because that’s just the design sense in Gotham city). From my perch … Continue reading

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Flashpoints – Things You Can’t Outrun

The Flash: Things you can’t outrun begins, as these tales often do with our protagonist: Barry Allen! This evening he has gone to the movies with Iris West (the potential love interest) all is well until Iris gets a call … Continue reading

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“Do you understand what I have just done?” – Dark Water (Doctor Who)

  “Dark Water” is an episode all about boundaries, and the act of crossing them. It’s about the boundaries between life and death, the boundaries that have grown between Clara and the Doctor, and the further boundaries that Clara’s actions … Continue reading

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Constantine – Non Est Asylum and The Darkness Beneath

I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve never read the comics-don’t know the first thing about the character, or the universe. But as soon as I saw the trailer back in Summer, I knew it was my jam(it’s what all the … Continue reading

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You ever see this place before?” – The Maze Runner

(Full spoilers) Riding the back of Hollywood’s current superhero trend is a similar, smaller line of movies that started at roughly the same time: we’re at the crest of the Young Adult novel adaptation wave. It’s a wave that first … Continue reading

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