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The Refreshing Raymond Reddington

So usually I’d do a post around this time with all of our favourite shows returning to the screen, to recap and review a recent episode. And as I’m ferverently following three such shows on a weekly basis at the … Continue reading

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“You certainly know how to pick your partners.” – The Blitzkrieg Button (Agent Carter)

Howard Stark is a pretty ambivalent figure. The first things we learn about him, in the opening minutes of Iron Man, the first Marvel Studios film, is that he A) worked on the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb, … Continue reading

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“If you had three wishes, what would they be?” – Entertaining Father Stone

At the risk of generalising both Father Ted writers massively, Graham Linehan tends to be influenced by the broad universe of popular fiction, while Arthur Mathews tends to draw on his own idiosyncratic experiences of Irish life. Linehan’s subsequent work … Continue reading

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“Whatever happened to a nice cup of tea and a civilised interrogation?” – Agent Carter

40’s setting and atmosphere, complete with montages set to old-timey big-band tunes? Check. Attractive people with British accents exchanging snippy banter? Check. Spy-game espionage, with lots of betrayals, double-agents and organisations with vague, ominous-sounding names? Check. Likeable, capable female lead … Continue reading

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“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – My Top Ten Plot Twists in Fiction

Here’s the thing. As much as we like our lives to be simple and straightforward, we can’t help but associate such routine with boredom. And it is. It’s boring. It’s unexciting. It’s dull. So it’s no wonder that our media … Continue reading

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“The old telly bug” – Good Luck, Father Ted

“What was the first episode of  Father Ted?” This may seem like a simple question, but, fittingly for Father Ted, it’s not that straightforward. The first thing to understand is that no pilot episode was ordered to test the waters, … Continue reading

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“Bonded for life to a single little one.” – Bioshock 2

The little girl approaches the corpse, a needle in her hand. I stand behind her, a heavy gun full of rivets in mine. “Look Daddy, an angel.” my girl croons. As the needle sinks into the dead man’s arm and … Continue reading

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