Flashpoints – Out Of Time


Come rain, hail, snow or hurricane there’s one thing you can count on: Weather Wizard is one powerful son of a gun! Mark Mardon wages a personal war against Joe West for the murder of his brother Clyde way back in episode 1! Mardon drags Iris, Barry and even the CCPD into his revenge crusade and it’s up to Barry and S.T.A.R labs to stop him! Meanwhile Cisco’s creeping suspicions about Dr Wells come bubbling up to the surface and he discovers a dark secret, don’t worry, I’m sure everything’s probably fine! Oh yeah, what’s up with that weird ‘other Barry’ we saw? Let’s find out!

When a coroner is attacked by a man who can wield the weather, Barry has to end a tragically awkward double-date with Linda, Iris and Eddie only to stop when he encounters ‘another flash’ running alongside him. Shrugging it off, at the morgue Joe and Barry discover that Mark Mardon, Clyde Mardon’s brother has returned, wielding the same powers as his brother but far more precise and deadly!

Cisco and Wells enjoy a classic Buster Keaton before the call of duty! Barry tells Wells about the ‘other flash’ he saw earlier and Wells promises him that once Weather Wizard is dealt with, they’ll investigate further. Joe, aware that Mardon will come after him, doesn’t seem worried until captain Singh confines him to the precinct building until Mardons capture. Barry and Joe head out for lunch, with Barry asking Joe for more advice on his awkward relationship with Iris and how it’s affecting him and Linda. Joe laughs and everything’s blue skies and sunshine until Weather Wizard attacks the car, with only Barry’s super speed saving them from Mardons powers!

Cisco unveils his wizards wand that can tame Mardons powers and gives it to Joe, but as he leaves the Police Department Mardon arrives and attacks Joe, nearly killing him but for Captain Singh saving him. Barry arrives and scares off Mardon, but Singh is paralyzed. At the hospital Barry and Joe meet his fiancée and he tells them that Singh has great respect for them both. Extremely pissed, Joe heads off after Weather Wizard!


Iris and Eddie hit a rocky patch after their unintentional double-date with Barry and Linda, and of course Linda is none too impressed with Iris either! Meanwhile: Caitlin is busy distracting Wells in Jitters until Wells realises that she is playing him and wasting his time, so he leaves Jitters without his wheelchair to confront Cisco.

Cisco discovers that the Reverse Flash is just a hologram, and Dr Wells then appears, praising Cisco for his intelligence and resourcefulness and explaining, that his name is Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash, and the hologram is a speed-mirage. Wells laments that he has to kill Cisco, maintaining that he saw Cisco as a son, but ultimately kills him and leaves Cisco’s body.

Mardon ties Joe to a pier and calls Iris, telling her to come to the waterfront if she wants to save Joe, but Barry tags along! Weather Wizard then conjures a tsunami to destroy Central City and kill everyone! Caitlin tells Barry that the only way to stop it is to create a wind vortex barrier to cancel out the kinetic force of the wave (one helluva mouthful!) Barry and Iris end up kissing, and Barry reveals he is the Flash, and runs as fast as he can, to stop the tidal wave not the ginger-bread man! But Barry ends up being sucked up by some kind of force, and ends up exactly where he was when he saw himself the other night! In other words, Barry’s travelled to the past!


We finally get our real Weather Wizard! About time! Even after one scene with Liam McIntyre as Mark Mardon I liked him better than Clyde! The cooler use of powers, the better villain motivation and the class showdown in the police station! Originally in the comics, Mark was an escaped convict who’s brother created a weather wand, that Mark stole to prevent being sent to jail again and may or may not have killed his brother, the ambiguity of the event plagued him for years but he since joined up with Cap Colds Rogues!

I know this is being said all over the internet, but its true: the last five minutes of the Flash could have been an insanely cool season finale! But instead it’s a brilliant ending to a great episode, with Barry being sent back in time to fix all the horrible event that took place those last two days! And Cisco fans everywhere breathed a collective sigh of relief! Not to mention Joe might be spared the weather wizards wrath. Jeeez why doesn’t Barry do this every day and save everyone all the time?! Oh yeah… THATS why…

Holy Hell, the Flash is using time travel and its only season 1?! That is crazy! Think about it, how do you top time travel as the series progresses? There are very few ways to beat it! If The Flash is including time travel then the creative team must have some BIG plans for the future of the show! And it’s damn exiting! I cannot wait to see if Barry will travel to the past like he’s said, or if he’ll end up going to the future instead and facing even bigger problems! The sky’s the limit!

It’s only fair to end my documentary on the absolute lack of stuff Eddie does with a tribute, as for once, he actually did something this episode! Well as the episode began, in the bowling alley Eddie did feck all, aside from looking like a lost puppy at Iris. But then, as the episode entered its third part, he actually went investigating with Joe! Praise the lord! He even made a big speech to the police about getting Joe back! Aaaaaaaaand the show fell into old habits and his moment in the spotlight was cut short, even when he does something, Eddie Thawne seems to draw the short straw!


How could I not write this and NOT talk about Eobard Thawne?! I can’t, duh. So here we have it: Barry Allen’s ultimate foe, Thawne was from the 25th century, but became obsessed with the Flash and Barry Allen so he replicated the accident that give Barry super speed and travelled back in time but he became mentally unstable and angry at The Flash for dying (Comic Books) and failing both Thawne and the world. He then decided to quite literally cause every bad thing to ever happen to Barry in the past, as he couldn’t kill him or else Eobard would cease to exist. And here he is in The Flash! I couldn’t be more exited!

Poor Cisco, I mean seriously that was such a hard death to watch! Even worse the whole ‘Cisco’s like my son’ wasn’t just added in this episode, there were a number of times where Wells showed parental feelings towards him, which makes this all the more heartbreaking! It’s even more soul destroying on people’s view of Wells, on one hand he does feel genuine affection for Cisco, but on the other HE STRAIGHT UP F***ING MURDERED HIM! The personal ambiguity of Wells is tearing me up inside!



  • Anyone else see Iris doting over Barry at the bowling alley? Cause Linda sure did!


  • Oh Weather Wizard, I mist you!


  • I love that Joe can laugh in Barry’s face about his relationship problems and gossip about his daughter! Such a good parent!


  • During the slow-mo clip in the car, Joe was staring at the lightning like ‘are you being serious right now?’


  • Funny how Mason Bridge says Iris’ article title is ‘on the nose’ when that’s pretty much the core of the shows humour!


  • How did no-one question that Simon Stagg was missing for 6 months? Like even Howard Hughes’ staff saw him occasionally and no-one’s seen Stagg so that’s one poor excuse everyone who lives in Central City!


  • Pffffft, I thought Cisco had better taste than The Walking Dead!


  • I wonder if Weather Wizard has a different response to ‘Hail Hydra’ eh, Eh, EEEHHH! Ok… weather jokes are too easy…I’ll stop


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