Flashpoints – Rogue Time

The Flash -- "Rogue Time" -- Image FLA116B_0301b -- Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as Barry Allen / The Flash, Peyton List as Lisa Snart, and Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Wait WHAT? Are we going to have to re-watch that whole last episode all over again? Nah, Barry messed up the time stream so the events of the future will happen differently! Weather Wizard? Hah, deal with him before he does any damage! Linda- Barry’s girlfriend? Just break up with her! Iris? Confess your undying love for her! These are just three of Barry’s terrible ideas in this episode. And Barry’s had exactly nine terrible ideas! My obscure Matt Fractions ‘Hawkeye’ reference aside, Captain Cold is back in town and partnered up with Heat Wave and his sister Lisa! First person on their hit-list? Our good friend Cisco!

Flash finds himself at the point where he saw his other self last episode, but this time it’s because he’s travelled through time! What’s the first thing you’d do after being sent back in time? Why stop the Weather Wizard of course! Even though Wells specifically told him not to! Lo and behold a whole new chain of events gets underway as Captain Cold, Heat Wave and Cold’s sister Lisa begin a war to take over all crime in Central City and to make matters worse, they kidnap Cisco to help them!

Cold and Heat Wave take over a small branch of the Santini crime family and using Cisco’s brother as leverage get him to build them their guns, as well as one for Lisa: something with… Gold. The Snarts attack a casino, but when Flash shows up, Cold holds up Cisco as leverage and escapes!

Cisco is getting dealt a crappy hand lately, there was his whole death and being betrayed, and his brother’s birthday party where we discover that his brother is a dick, and his parents are dicks to him and now he’s been seduced and kidnapped by the Snarts! Forced to build the Rogues their guns again and having his brother tortured in front of him until he tells Cold Flash’s secret identity it’s understandable why Cisco’s having self-esteem issues. But when Harrison Wells takes him to the force field room and says ‘You’ve shown me what it’s like to have a son’ encouragingly I got so damn ANGRY! Fair enough that you want Cisco to stay in S.T.A.R labs but RRRRRRGHGHHH you evil man you made Cisco cry in an alternate timeline!


Meanwhile Barry thinks it’s a great idea to leave his amazing girlfriend Linda Park and tries once again to woo Iris. How does this go down? As you might expect Eddie punches him in the face! In all fairness it wasn’t Barry’s nicest move.

So, turns out Captain Colds plan was to get the casino’s money on the move and hijack it, until Barry shows up and the two have an epic showdown with WORDS! Addressing Flash as Barry (uh-oh!) Snart explains that he’s having too much fun in central city to quit, and Barry appeals to Snarts ego, if he’s as talented as he claims he should have no problem keeping this crime spree up while not taking lives. And thus the Rogues are born truly and the game is on! Cold won’t divulge Barry’s identity or kill anymore and Barry won’t lock him up in the pipeline, and Barry name-drops the Rogues WOOOOOOH!

Our episode concludes with Caitlin patching things up for Barry with Iris and Eddie, saying the lightning left him a bit ‘damaged’, and the two suck it up pretty gullibly! Meanwhile the Reverse-Flash targets Mason Bridge who was planning on releasing an incriminating story on Harrison Wells. Reverse-Flash kills him and erases the hard-drive! Barry meanwhile, see’s that Bridge is missing and tells Joe that Wells might be involved with his mother’s murder!


Yet another strong episode for The Flash! Pity the show still has Cisco as a physical and emotional punching-bag, hasn’t he had enough pain for one season?! Ghaaaad! Even his brother who apologises to him and admits he loves him then tells him that he stole the girl he liked! That is not something that boosts self-esteem, that boosts brotherly HATRED. Dante and the rest of the Ramone’s are dicks to Cisco. Still through it all Cisco remains a nice guy! I mean I’d become something of a cynic if I was seduce-napped (It’s a thing!) by a pretty lady and held hostage while my brother and I bicker and discover he stole a girl I liked! (Wink wink)

Our new villain this week didn’t really make fantastic solo impression, Lisa Snart aka the Golden Liar *Ahem, – Glider-. Sure she was cool and sexy and seductive but overall this was a Captain Cold episode, with Lisa coming along to spice things up! Anyone who knows their Flash comics knows that Lisa might come into her own soon but as of ‘Rogue Time’ she has yet to establish herself as something other than Lenny’s sexy sister with the gold gun. Heat gun and cold gun I get completely, gold gun is a bit of a stretch…

And we finally come to the point where Barry realises that there’s something off with Dr Wells! After learning that the one man investigating Wells is missing, Barry’s common sense must have activated! Now working with Joe, the two will determine what Wells is hiding, and how he’s connected to the Reverse-Flash!

Since Cap Cold first appeared, the formation of the Rogues has been building, and today they finally take their name! With Heat Wave and Lisa in tow it’s only a matter of time before Lenny takes another Flash foe into his group, but who’s left to fill in? There’s only one major Rogue left unannounced to appear on The Flash (and I for one am pissed about it!) And that is Mirror Master! As probably the 2nd most prolific rogue in the comics it almost boils my blood that he hasn’t appeared yet!

A noticeable motif that floated around this episode was siblings! Aside from the obvious devious criminal brother/sister act from the Snarts we also see Cisco’s relationship with his brother that isn’t exactly on the best of terms. You also see the conflict between Barry and Iris, who grew up together and have known each other for nearly twenty years. The two aren’t related but both have romantic feelings towards each other making it super awkward. Not only that but Iris had her head screwed on RIGHT for once and stood by her relationship with Eddie after Barry confesses his feelings!




  • Oh Barry, you utter dope! Iris had already messed with your happiness before, why do you even like her?!


  • Is it me or does everyone on The Flash have the sassiest way of saying ‘I told you so’?


  • Ah sibling rivalry ‘Shut up!’ ‘No you shut up!’ Why doesn’t everybody just shut up?! I’ve been there.


  • Why do none of the police ask questions about the man encased in solid gold? I’d be pretty curious. If I could break a tiny piece off…? Souvenir?


  • Why didn’t anyone Jinx Barry when he said the same thing at the same time? Wasted opportunity guys!


  • Phew, the Reverse-Flash can’t find me behind this wall! Not like he can phase right through it! Hehe I’m so smart and not-about-to-die!


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