Flashpoints – Who is Harrison Wells?

1How do you stop someone who shares the same name as two of cinema’s most recognisable psychopaths? Well seen as how he isn’t half as smart as either I guess ‘Everyman’ aka Hannibal Bates will go down easy! But Caitlin still isn’t on the ‘Dr Wells is evil’ team, so it’s up to Barry to convince her! Joe and Cisco head over to Starling City to meet Captain Lance and investigate Wells’ accident 15 years ago! And Eddie’s on a role! After about 10 episodes of doing nothing he takes semi-centre stage! Featuring Cisco’s most fanboyish moment yet! And Barry’s dumbest moment yet! This is an episode that promises excitement!

Team ‘End-Wells’ is having a super secret meeting at Joes house, deciding on a plan of action, he and Cisco will go to Starling City to investigate the car crash 15 years ago while its ‘Business as usual’ at Central City.

It really wouldn’t be business as usual without a meta-human! This week its one who can transform into anyone he makes contact with! After framing dozens of people for their money Barry and Eddie confront him only for the meta human, revealed to be named Hannibal Bates (unfortunate name!) to slip away.

After tracking Bates’ Grandmother down Barry and Eddie catch her transforming into the woman Bates framed earlier and give chase! Barry, unable to set Bates know he is the Flash has to run normally and the two aren’t fast enough to catch him! Bates morphs into Eddie and before escaping kills two cops!


Over in Starling City Joe and Cisco meet the Lances! Laurel takes Cisco aside and asks him to modify her sister’s old sonic device and Cisco freaks out when he realises Laurels the Canary, while Joe and Captain Lance refer to each other by last name!

Bates, who now is masquerading as Barry heads over to S.T.A.R labs with Caitlin to presumably destroy a serum that would take away his powers but he never really does anything about it. But to…I dunno distract her? Kisses Caitlin seeing the romantic seeds in their relationship! Iris turns up with semi-proof that Eddie is innocent: the shooter is left handed and Eddie is right handed. Just as Bates is about to shoot them Wells tases him! (Using his LEFT hand too…). Iris and Caitlin decide not to give the unconscious man the serum for some reason and he uses his powers to escape! Caitlin finds the real Barry and slaps him awake! But Bates is fleeing the country!

After investigating the scene of the crash, Cisco, Lance and West *ahem*, -Joe- West find a body corrupted by tachyons, it’s the real body of Harrison Wells, all messed up by Eobard Thawne! As Cisco and Joe head back to Central City Cisco gives Laurel the modified ‘Canary Cry’ and gets his own reward! Wink!

Barry confronts Bates at the airport and after a battle against Caitlin, Iris, Eddie and himself defeats Bates, and with the footage of him morphing into Eddie proving Eddies innocence! Eddie decides that now is the most appropriate time to tell Iris that he –HAD- been hiding something: that he was working with the Flash.

Back at the pipeline the true Hannibal Bates is revealed to not be Anthony Hopkins or Brian Cox! He is instead a bald, strange looking man who ‘can’t remember’ who he is. Using the corpse from Starling City, Barry and the others convince Caitlin that Wells is the reverse-flash, and Barry, Caitlin and Cisco discover Well’s time vault, finding the yellow suit, AND the news headline from the pilot! The one about the Flash vanishing in a crisis!

So this week we see multiple actors assume the role of one Hannibal Bates, who is an actual comic book villain, he can shapeshift into someone else after eating a part of their body which is kinda gross! But this week he served as another not so memorable antagonist. Shapeshifters never really translate well into T.V because of the amount of actors needed to play the role over and over and it takes something special like emotional investment or being directly involved in a larger plot to make shapeshifters impactful. Still, he helped to make Eddie slightly more relevant, so that’s something!

And our two favourite lads went to Starling City this week! I have to say that this was one of the episodes highlights, not only was it fun to see Joe and Lace work together (And fun to joke about) But Cisco and Laurels sub-plot had me smiling away the whole time! Not to mention the advances in the overall plot too, with the discovery of Wells’ real body, and confirmation that the team wasn’t working with Harrison Wells. So, now that they know it’s not Wells I wonder… will the guy who played Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher) end up playing him for the rest of the series and will the team get the original Wells to mentor them? With time travel, who knows?!

For the first time in a long, long time we get one hell of an end credits scene! Barry, Caitlin and Cisco are monitoring the entire S.T.A.R labs building and discover Wells’ secret time vault! The first thing they discover is the yellow suit itself! Caitlin cant have any more doubts about the not-so-good doctor now! The next thing they find is the future newspaper about the Flash and the crisis! Oh wow does this change things up! Like will Barry head to the future to find out what the crisis is? And what about Gideon the A.I? you think she sent Wells some silent alarm when Barry and Co. Entered the time vault? One more thing, Dr Wells isn’t blind, right? So why does his lair have Braille everywhere? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy??


OK, so how do we see the season ending, with all the hints and clues we’ve been given? Well the way I see it, Barry and Wells will have a big, climactic fight that alters the timestream, either stranding the Flash in the past or the future. But I have a sinking feeling that one of the main cast will die, and while I thought it was going to be Joe or Henry, im starting to think that Eddie might be the one to bite the bullet. They wouldnt kill Cisco, he’s died like twice already and the female cast are too valuble to loose. It would certainly to be a big surpise if someone else died or….OR…now hear me out, this’ll sound a little crazy… If nobody dies!




  • Kind, nice, honest and a good job?! Seems too good to be true!


  • Let’s be honest, a spin off show about Joe West and Captain Lance solving crimes would be class!


  • All Dr Wells seems to do at home is walk around and drink… hey don’t get me wrong it’s a sweet life but you’d imagine he would be doing something more…nefarious.


  • ‘West, let’s keep referring to each other using surnames!’ ‘Lance that is such a good idea, it will help show how similar we are and reflect our cop-bond!’


  • Hats off to Bates who escaped the car with Iris and Caitlin in a damn clever move!


  • And the award for least convincing ‘No’ of all time goes to…… Eobard Thawne masquerading as Harrison Wells in: His super-tense conversation with Joe West!


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