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“All the people in televisionland” – Father Ted and His Faithful Friends

On 14 March, 1997, Father Ted had his finest hour. But it didn’t happen in Father Ted – it happened in reality. A little context is required. In 1985, Richard Curtis and Lenny Henry founded Comic Relief, a charity organisation. … Continue reading

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“Behold, what was once a man.” – The Western Book of the Dead (True Detective)

 Even more than the first season (if possible) the second year of True Detective is pure hardboiled noir. It’s got all the ingredients: There’s violent murder (the city manager’s been found dead with his eyes gouged out!) There’s sex (there’s … Continue reading

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“I think we got away with it” – A Christmassy Ted

Where do we even begin? “A Christmassy Ted” is a monumental episode. Structurally, it’s the show’s biggest experiment to date. Narratively, it’s something of a mess. Though frustrating on certain levels, it holds a unique charm – this is an … Continue reading

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Summer Replay – The Walking Dead – Episode 3: Long Road Ahead

Hi there, I’m Cian, he’s Noel, that’s Ger, and this is our group playthrough of Telltale Studio’s zombie adventure game, The Walking Dead. Harried by the bandits from last episode, our poor group of survivors are driven out of their … Continue reading

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Civil Words – Civil War #4

Hey there, I’m Cian, that’s Colm, and this is our weekly read-through of the Marvel comics series and basis for next summer’s Captain America sequel: Mark Millar’s Civil War. Our story so far: a law requiring superheroes to register themselves … Continue reading

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“I’m just doing a job” – Flight Into Terror

The first series of Father Ted concluded with an elegiac episode which mused on the transitory nature of life. Not to be outdone, the second series reaches its climax with what can only be described as Ted doing a high-octane … Continue reading

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