Flashpoints – The Man Who Saved Central City


The Flash races (ahem) into season two! Speeding (cough) ahead six months from the cliff-hanger ending last season the episode wastes no time and hits the ground running (I’m sorry). In the six months since Flash and Reverse- Flash clashed and the singularity devoured some of Central City some pretty strange things have gone on! A new breed of meta-human is on the loose, and their motives are shrouded in mystery! But the people of Central City hold their heads high, and praise the man who works so hard to keep them safe with a Flash Day celebration! A smashing (somebody stop me) way to thank the man who saved Central City!

Barry seems to be doing well, taking down both Captain Cold and Heat Wave with Firestorms help! It’s a good thing the whole gang are here in S.T.A.R labs to help his crime fighting escapades, Cisco, Caitlin, Joe and Iris, Ronnie and Professor Stein, even Eddie and Dr Wells congratulate Barry’s performance!

Sorry, but saw through that in the blink of an eye! Barry is in fact pulling a Batman/ Arrow, going solo so as to protect the ones he loves, too bad it’s a silly idea! He hasn’t had it too easy since a black hole nearly ate half of Central City, and Flash has been working tirelessly to fix homes and buildings in the middle of the night!


Cisco and Joe meanwhile are setting up a meta-human task force to fight any other new supervillains who show themselves, and it looks like their hot on the trail of one right now! Something huge has absolutely annihilated a man named Al Rothstein, something huge, and strong. But besides that, Iris and Joe try to reach out to Barry again but he still rejects their help, though Iris does convince him to come to the Flash Day celebration!

OK, so Barry’s feeling down…probably because Ronnie died. Again. Because of Wells. Again. It was actually Ronnie and Stein who dispersed the singularity but Ronnie died in doing so! But back to the action, at the Flash day a reluctantly attending Flash is attacked by a super strong, size changing man who looks identical to Al Rothstein, though the meta escapes unscathed!

Cisco visits Caitlin, who after Ronnie’s death now works in Mercury labs! A lawyer visits Barry with Dr Wells’ last will and testament, who Barry has been avoiding! Iris visits Joe and Cisco with some conveniently vital info on the Meta Human! Joe re-organises team flash, but Barry races to confront Atom Smasher again, this time getting a concussion!

Meanwhile at Mercury Labs, Barry apologises to Caitlin and through a hilarious misunderstanding they end up watching Wells’ Will, which contains a confession to the murder of Nora Allen, evidence to get Barry’s father out of jail! Back in the action, Caitlin returns to help defeat Atom Smasher, with Barry leading him to a nuclear Power Plant where they overload him with nuclear energy…that ends up…killing him…But before he dies, Atom Smasher reveals the name of the monster that wants Flash dead; Zoom!

But, alas! All is well and Henry Allen is released from jail! With a welcome home party Henry reveals to a heartbroken Barry that he is leaving Central City ‘for Barry’s own good’. But everything is still cool, Barry gets his key to the city, the Flash emblem gets an upgrade, the team has assembled back in S.T.A.R labs and Jay Garrick drops by for a visit! Wait…Jay…Jay Garrick?! REALLY?! YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHH! WOOOOOH OUR WORLD IS IN DANGER WOOOOOH!

So, a lot went down this past six months, I mean Central City was hit by a black hole, and yet everyone is still around! Seeing that it’s actually Flash who bears the brunt of the cities suffering, it makes sense that he is the most miserable, Flash risked his life and fought a black hole, lost two friends, and has spent the last six months rebuilding the city and still saving people! What a guy! Seriously, it’s no wonder that people love The Flash, he put the city before himself! Unlike Star City… that place is miserable.

Poor Eddie, people really don’t talk about him, even though he defeated the Reverse Flash and was Iris’s boyfriend/ fiancée for about A YEAR! And what does he get? A hallucination or dream and a blurred photo in the police building. At least we see fallout from Ronnie dying, with Caitlin moving to Mercury Labs and looking sad, pity Ronnie is totally alive. AGAIN. Not even joking, Ronnie is alive in another universe livin’ it on up in Earth-2 and is very. Much. Alive.

Speaking of Caitlin, the poor woman is living it on up in Mercury labs, undoubtedly to get away from Ronnie’s death and the lads, Cisco is still tippin’ away, trying to make a name for himself on Joe’s metahuman task force. Cisco is certainly better adjusted than Caitlin, though even though he’s upbeat and positive, Cisco is still having visions brought about by the particle accelerator, which hopefully will see the set-up for the superhero Vibe! Speaking of super powers and transitions I wonder if we’ll see Caitlin Snow develop a colder disposition at some point.

Something very cool we saw this episode was the whole idea of Flash Day! It’s actually a pretty old idea in the comics, Flash, being such a great hero, got a museum dedicated to him (Something we saw in the Flash season 1 finale) and Central/ Keystone City threw him a bunch of parades. It’s great to see an origin given to this little fictional holiday, that Flash saved the City in its hour of need and the City was so grateful that they publicly honoured their hero.
The Flash -- "The Man Who Saved Central City" -- Image FLA201a_0168b -- Pictured: Adam Copeland as Atom-Smasher -- Photo: Cate Cameron /The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Atom Smasher, our first meta-human of the season made his live action debut as a villain as opposed to the hero he’s known as in the comics! Smasher, so aptly named by Professor Stein, was actually a very enjoyable foe for Flash to face; It was terribly enjoyable to see Adam Copeland tear into Flash, growing to enormous sizes and utterly smashing (ZING) the crap out of anything that got in his way, his way home that is! Yes our poor Smasher of Atoms only wanted to go home…one mystery we cannot fathom though, is why he killed a man who looked just like him, and where did he come from? And who is zoom?!

Zoom is, for lack of a better phrase; f*****g class! In the comics Zoom is a man named Hunter Zolomon, who was friends with Wally West, the third man to have the mantle of The Flash. Zolomon was crippled by Gorilla Grodd and asked flash to cure him, some stuff happened and Zolomon became Zoom, and tormented Wally for a few years. This time round, Zoom is some sort of blue speedster demon who wants the Flash dead, but why, dear god why?! The stakes are higher than ever before and I cannot wait to see what this season will bring!

Eeeeeeaaaaaaaargh! Not just Zoom, but Jay Garrick this season too! This is utterly beautiful! Jay Garrick is the original Flash from the 1940’s comics! He and Barry Allen met in ‘The Flash of two Worlds’, a comic story in the 1960’s that saw older comic book characters introduced into the mainstream, by designating the worlds Earth-1 and Earth-2. Jay is typically a heroic father figure to speedsters , and has mentored Barry, Wally West and most notably, Bart Allen. It’s just so f*****g cool to see Jay F*****G GARRICK!



  • Fear the beard! I’m so going to use that line!


  • Atom Smasher really, REALLY, almost unabashedly looks like Bane


  • Look! In the sky! It’s the Flash Signal!


  • Saw it in a comic book Cisco? And no box office behemoths?


  • Atom Smasher really only reacts to loud noises…just saying, it’s a strange Achilles heel!


  • Anyone else getting nostalgia from the second season of Fringe? Anybody? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about!


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