Binge Watch Diary – Jessica Jones (Part 1)


So the second of the TV series produced by the Marvel/Netflix team-up is here (after the megahit Daredevil). Since I’m really (too much) into both Marvel comics and detective noir, I’d love to write an episode-by-episode analysis of this series…. But all 13 episodes were released at the same time, and ain’t nobody got the time/willpower to work gradually through them at a pace of one a week when they’re all just sitting there.


So I thought I’d experiment with a new format: just jotting down some quick observations and impressions from each episode, and then maybe doing a big whole-series wrap up post at the end.

So (deep breath!), let’s get into the binge watch…


Episode 1 – Ladies Night

(Jessica Jones is hired to find a pretty NYU student who’s vanished, but it turns out to be more than a simple missing persons case.)

  • Love the noir-style light piano notes at the start of the theme song.


  • Speaking of the theme, I really like how the art style, with all the dripping running painted colours, calls back to the style of artist David Mack, who did the covers for the original comic series.


  • Oooh, Carrie-Anne Moss is in this?


  • “A big part of the job is looking for the worst in people. Turns out I excel at that.”


  • Man, “Private eye in a superhero world” is such a great, flexible story-telling concept..


  • Oooh, Luke Cage is in this?


  • “I stand in dark alleys and wait to take pictures of people boning.”


  • There’s a real Season 1-of-Veronica Mars vibe to this, with all the bitter, sarcastic voiceovers, the damaged female private eye, lines like ”Cheaters are good for business”, and lots of scenes of hiding and taking photo of people from afar. But Jessica is also a pretty damn heavy drinker… so I guess she’s like grown up Season 1 Veronica Mars?


  • Oh flip, Tennant just quickly dropped by to lick her…


  • “I was never the hero that you wanted me to be.” – well that balcony talk with her ex-best friend was a little exposition-ey…


  • “She’s either an idiot in love or she’s being conned. Which amount to pretty much the same thing.”


  • Probably not the reaction I’m supposed to be having right now, but damn, David Tennant scammed himself a nice hotel room…


  • Jesus, that scene where she drags the kidnapped girl out of the hotel room is awkward watching…


  • “Smile.” – Jaysus, that’s a downer ending! Definitely makes me want to watch the next one though…


Episode 2 – Crush Syndrome

(Jessica vows to prove Hope’s innocence, even though it means tracking down a terrifying figure from her own past.)

  • Isn’t that Detective Freeman from The Wire interrogating her? “I love antiques.” – Heh.


  • Does Luke Cage have his powers yet?


  • “You should kill yourself.” “Probably, but I’m the only one that knows you’re innocent.” – Jesus, when’s Iron Man or Groot gonna swing by and liven up all this bleak stuff?


  • So…odds of at least one episode ending with the twist that either Luke Cage, Patsy Walker, or Carrie Anne Moss are secretly under David Tennant’s mind control?


  • She’s investigating a bus crash? Serious V.Mars vibes.


  • “You know why I live alone?” “People don’t like you?”


  • “I don’t give a bag of dicks what kinky shit you’re into, just be into it quietly.”


  • She’s hanging around that hospital a lot – any chance of a cameo of Rosario Dawson from Daredevil?


  • “Live yo life woman, I gotta go clean up some shit.”


  • “Pray with us.” “Uh… I’m just getting over a cold?”


  • So the dude on life support barely manages to scribble down “Kill me” on a piece of paper when no-one’s looking. And…and then Antman and the Avengers show up to fix everything and have a big party, right guys? Guys?


  • “Lady, you are a very perceptive asshole.”


  • Bar-fight!


  • “I saw you, and you saw me.” And then he tries to cut his stomach with a saw – was he going for a pun?

ttEpisode 3 – It’s Called Whiskey  

(It won’t be easy to acquire or deploy. but Jessica thinks she’s found a weapon to use against Kilgrave. Luke and Jessica bond over their similarities.)

  • ….Aaannnd sex scene.


  • “Don’t go getting any ideas about my extremities…”


  • “Were you born this way? “Nope, accident. You?” “Experiment.” – I kinda hope that’s the only answer they ever give for why they both have superpowers.


  • “I’m not hiding but I’m not advertising.”


  • Luke Cage’s moral philosophy course: “You did a lot of good.” “Not enough to cancel out the bad.” “Way I see it most people got both goin’ on. Just depends on what part wins that day.”


  • “I wasn’t talking about the food.”….Aaannnd sex scene.


  • Was that just a Spider-Man reference on the radio?


  • For a poor person, Jessica sure has a nice office desk and laptop…


  • There’s so much security in Trish’s apartment…Killgrave is totally getting in there at some stage. “Nobody touches me anymore unless I want them to.”


  • ….Aaannnd sex scene. (“Sweet Christmas!” – aaay, he said it!)


  • Yo, don’t trust that cop…


  • “Not that way, officer. That way.” – oooh, what a dick.


  • Does have Tennant also have super sneaking-away powers?


  • “God, I hope this is only a three person family.”


Episode 4 – 99 Friends

(A new case demands attention as Jessica tries to find out who’s spying on her for Kilgrave. Trish’s radio show yields unexpected consequences.)

  • So Evil David Tennant’s spies haven’t taken any photos of Luke Cage. Hmmm…wonder what that means?


  • “I thought I’d gotten used to his lies and his wandering penis.” – Heh.


  • “Men and power: It’s seriously a disease.” – I think that’s like this series’ thesis statement.


  • “You are coming across distinctly paranoid.” “Everyone keeps saying that. It’s like a conspiracy.”


  • Ugh, he’s using little girls as his messengers now? Creepy.


  • “How many more like you are there?” “How many what, private eyes?”


About the author: A lifelong TV addict since his first episode of Sesame Street, Cian Sheppard works as an English teacher in Poland and thinks you look very nice today.


About English Den

Experienced, qualified and professional English teacher working in Warsaw, Poland. Interested in pop culture, and using pop culture to teach languages. Available for private or in-business classes. International classes also available on Skype. Contact for further information.
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1 Response to Binge Watch Diary – Jessica Jones (Part 1)

  1. sportsattitudes says:

    This series is currently under serious consideration for my wife and I to watch. Seen very positive reviews so I am pleasantly surprised to see you’ve dove in and this will also help us decide whether to take the plunge or not. So many shows…so little time.

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