Flashpoints – Legends of Tomorrow (Pilot Part 2)



Yes. That’s how I want to begin. Shut up.

Anyhoo, so tonight’s episode of ‘Legends’ (Not named after what my friends call themselves) was enjoyable, sloppy, smooth, and a little ridiculous all at once! Legends of Tomorrow is still trying to find its feel and it shows, they have some solid ground to build on, and they have a strong cast, but tonight, we got to see that the show is still jumbled and cluttered. But still with enough action, jokes and Captain Cold I can sit through an hour and find myself thoroughly entertained!

The title of today’s episode refers to a single, sexy throwaway line from Captain Cold, and any further association with Russia and the colour white is a figment of your imagination!

Tonight our motley crew of super powered friends (Insert abbreviation here) must track Vandal Savage to Soviet Russia, where he has defected to; because that’s apparently something you can do as an immortal! Savage is in the midst of using a number of Soviet engineers and scientists to re-create Firestorm, after he first observed his power back in the 1970’s. Well while Savage is being General Eiling, the team attempt to break into his top secret lab and steal the prototype Firestorm matrix, but not before they break into the pentagon to extract some useful information on Savages operations!


Things are getting heated between the two gals this week on top of it all! Kendra’s become possessed by the Hawk-goddess warrior-woman thingie and Sara has to teach her to control the dark part of her, which she does by training! But in a slapstick reversal of fortunes Sara gets a bump on the head and turns into a strangler! Ah but then using Sara’s training Kendra manages to reach out to her killer comrade and the two work on their inner anger together!

Yes, if it wasn’t obvious, I felt this plotline was utterly generic. Which is disappointing considering how much promise Sara Lance had been showing until now! The set up makes sense; the duo team-up makes sense on more than one level! I felt let down by the predictability showcased here, rather than giving the gals a chance to ‘spread their wings’ *wink!* they end up cooped in on the Waverider hitting each other with sticks while all the men just make a big mess.

Well, since the beginning of the series we have been given one undeniably consistently enjoyable thing: Captain Cold. Undoubtedly he is the writers favourite, I mean just look at him! Cold can pretty much do anything, nick wallets, charm an icy soviet femme fatale, win our hearts and even fill the role of team leader. (He is also the most competent member of the team so far, sorry Ray!)

While he stole the show this week he was also given the emotional storyline last week, trying to fix his broken life. I’ll not deny that I love Captain Cold, but he does seem to be a glory hog, and that’s well and good for Cold, let’s not forget that this is an ensemble show! In summary: I love it, but Cold needs to take a back seat for the sake of the show, else it might just end in tears, poorly spread out and developed tears!


Captain Cold has been enjoying the spotlight but his partner, poor Heat Wave has been sidelined for three episodes running, but that’s all about to change! Rip has to deal with a crashed Chronos, and who better to be back-up in Soviet Russia than a maniac with a flamethrower hmmm? Oh…wait… so Heat Wave… ah, ok. No, no I understand, yeah. *sigh*, that was the episodes storyline; they thought that Rip should have more to do in this episode than Mick Rory in his entirety.

I get it, Heat Wave is a very basic, nearly Two Dimensional character, but please, don’t try and then attempt to build on his character by including him in a not-so enjoyable and impactful story!

While Rip has to deal with the consequences of his technically treasonous actions he brings along Heat Wave as back up, When his Time Lord *ahem* Time Master, master, master Druce tries to convince him to stop fiddling with time, Rip considers the offer. Mick gets to say ‘Sorry gurl, it’s a trap!’ and that’s pretty much the best he does this week!
And yes it is a trap, a fire-fight ensues and well…it all just felt like set up for the actual impactful story of the week!


Yes, Jefferson and Professor Stein are at it again, after the aforementioned fire-fight Jacks had a pretty serious abdominal wound, blood and being unconscious and all, but it wasn’t that serious, or else he wouldn’t have given out to Stein for being the annoying voice in his head who won’t shut up. To be fair, in that particular instance Stein was in the right, but that doesn’t excuse how much of a dickhead he was to Jackson! Anyway, so they have their little tiff and then during the mission Stein goes all crazy again and by risking himself kinda saves the day? I mean he is in soviet custody being forced to make an army of nuclear men for the Russians and Vandal Savage. Eh, he tried and that’s the main thing!


So what do I think is going to happen in weeks to come? Well I see a big climactic fight between The Legends of tomorrow and Savages team of counterparts that he will inevitably collect/ create by the end of the show! Either that or The Flash travels back in time and fixes everything, I’m just spitballin’ here!


  • Kendra and Sara can only survive on a ‘wing’ and a prayer!


  • ‘Gideon; Bone me!’


  • ‘Set the Druce loose aboot this hoose!’


  • Jaysus lads, Stein nearly dropped the ball! ZING!


  • I like to imagine that when Rip told Cold to run this went through his head: ‘So be it… So-vi-et!’

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