Flashpoints – Blood Ties (Legends of Tomorrow)


Our heroes have lost one of their own, Vandal Savage is still at large and doing crazy crap and more than one member of the team goes AWOL! Blood Ties see our Legends of Tomorrow face Savage on a more financial front, with Rip and Sara targeting Savages vast fortunes that he amassed over the years. Meanwhile Ray and Professor Stein try to save Kendra’s life after her recovery takes an unexpected turn. Last but not least, Cap Cold, Heat Wave and Jefferson go for a joyride to Central City, mad for the sesh I’ll bet!

OK, so last time I said that I wasn’t sold on Vandal Savage as the powerful, commanding villain but rather as the creepy kind? Well our main storyline of this episode showed us creepy Savage and I have to say: I wasn’t impressed. Maybe it’s just the situations we find Savage in or something not shown yet, but I have yet to see or hear something that makes me think: ‘Wow, That guy means business!’

Aside from that we learn that Rip and Savage are actually old friends, with Hunter trying to kill Savage in Egypt before he was immortal, and Savage incorporated Rip into his cult as the monster who tried to slay him, so most of Vandals henchmen are aware of Rip.
Anyhoo, Rip and Sara try to destroy Vandals fortune to cripple his plan for world domination, but, tut-tut, they leave the rest of the team behind! We are shown that Savage has a cult of people dedicated to him and that’s how he’s able to maintain his influence through the centuries: by keeping them alive. How you ask? Oh just CARTERS BLOOD!
Well with the ickynes aside, we see Rip and Vandal come head to head for the first time really, and Rip ends their meeting by killing Savage…for the moment.

On an even more icky side The Atom decides to fly into Kendra’s bloodstream and blast bits of metal in her blood with lasers! Does that sounds like the premise for a fairly meh Video Game? Yes. Does something go horribly wrong? Yes. Does my summary fail to mention very important plot points? Undoubtedly.

See poor aul Kendra is still dying since she got stabbed. There are a few knife fragments in her blood and they can’t leave well enough alone, so she’s dying. And it’s up to Martin Stein and Ray Palmer to save her!

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut after destroying one shard and his suit getting pummelled by giant (from his perspective) pieces of metal Ray starts to feel doubt about himself (which he IS prone to doing every now and then) and through a rousing cliché Stein snaps him out of his self pity, Ray then returns to operating Firearms in a woman’s bloodstream. And the day hath been saved! Except Stein was lying about his motivational speech. But Ray forgives him so THE DAY HATH BEEN SAVED!


Ah, and now for part III of our exciting journey! The Rogues want to steal something as per yoosh, and they bring along Jefferson Jackson as their getaway driver! Cold and Heat Wave travel to Central City to steal a very valuable emerald! It just so happens that Jefferson is pretty cool with stealing an escape pod and joyriding to Central City.

So the plan goes off without a hitch only for Lenny to reveal his true motives: to give the emerald to his father! Turns out that Cap Cold wanted to give the jewel to his father so he wouldn’t go to jail, and he would then never turn into the abusive man he became. The only reason Lenny doesn’t kill his father is because his sister hasn’t been born yet. Despite the obvious, nearly universal risk this entails Cold, one of the most patient and calm characters acts fairly impulsively. At the same time it’s not hard to see why Cold does this, he still wants him and his sister to have a better life and childhood, even if it’s only better by a bit. Also, Cold has never been the type of guy to let an opportunity slip through his fingers so tis really not that unbelievable! Of course nothing changes for him, despite his hopes of feeling ‘different’. Turns out his father was a shite thief and got himself arrested anyway trying to pawn the emerald, as opposed to when he was arrested for stealing it! Oddly enough both crimes carried the same sentence!


Ok enough is enough; this has been annoying me since I watched this episode: WHY?! WHY DID SAVAGE HAVE A BIG SUPER-SECRET CULT MEETING, INVOLVING BLOOD DRINKING IN. A. HOTEL?!

Considering the amount of people at the dance alone and the amount that were actually at the ceremony, surely there was about a hundred and fifty people who were just on holidays or something! Like until he showed up on The Flash, about 6 people in the world knew about Vandal Savage, so why not have a bit of discretion! Hell, surely at one of these (im gonna say 130 or so) meetings in history some Macaulay Culkin type kid snuck into the meeting hall and though; ‘Oh Jesus; better call the shades!’ Like I would love to hold a meeting with aspiring Super Villains and go over the Do’s and Don’ts.
One of my buttons: Sloppy Supervillany.


What can one garner from the title of tonight’s episode? Well the most obvious link is the ties between Savage and Carter, that his blood is pretty snazzy and immortal-y. The more nuanced connection with the title is the connection to Kendra and Carter; she feels his pain through his blooooooooood! Not to mention the blood motif permeating this episode with Ray literally travelling into Kendra’s bloodstream and Lenny, his family ties to his sister and the blood debt he owed his father. It’s actually a great title, it’s a little bit of a pun, its a little ham fisted and it’s also quite nuanced! Bravo writer, Bravo!


  • That’s right Heat Wave, you ARE thick!


  • Soooo Sara Lance is Sherlock? I’m guessing that’s why she’s such a good detective!


  • ‘Dude’s an expert swordsman, probably as good as me, not to mention a demi-immortal!’ He proceeds to be defeated, soundly, with like one kick and flip.


  • Aaaaaahh jaysus Rip don’t you know anything about women?! Don’t call them an ANIMAL!


  • Compared to how shrewd Lenny is as an adult, Kid Lenny is a dope!


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