Some of the writers and pop culture critics whose work has shaped and influenced our own. Check them out, they’re all way smarter than us!

Overthinking It – The site we can only aspire to be:  home of extremely smart and sometimes extremely silly cultural criticism, “Subjecting the popular culture to a level of scrutiny it probably doesn’t deserve.”

Film Crit Hulk – Writes touching, insightful and deeply considered film analysis…in all caps and in character as the Hulk.

The A.V. Club – The place to go for timely and authoritative film and television reviews.

TARDIS Eruditorum – A sprawling exploration of the history of Doctor Who, through the lenses of literary theory, media theory, occultism and alchemy.

Critical Distance – Weekly compilation of the most thought-provoking and well written videogame analysis.

Extra Credits – Video series analyzing the philosophy of game design and psychology in short (and charmingly animated) weekly lectures.

Ask Chris – Funny, goofy and often Batman-centric comics criticism from a man who has spent an awful lot of time thinking about the medium and has the insights to show for it.



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