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“This will begin to make things right.” – Some thoughts about Star Wars: The Force Awakens

(Full spoilers. But c’mon, you’ve seen it at this stage, right?) “Hey Cian, what did you think of the new Star Wars film?” Well first of all, it’s pretty funny that the very first line of dialogue in it (“This … Continue reading

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“Nothings sad ‘til it’s over. Then everything is.” – Hell Bent (Doctor Who)

“Hey Cian, what’d you think of the Doctor Who finale?” Em, well mostly I was just surprised that Clara’s not dead after all. Or she’s alive again. Either way, false alarm everybody! Woof, this is a dense hour of television. … Continue reading

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Our Best of 2015

Best Novel Noel – The Library at Mount Char, by Scott Hawkins.  This isn’t just one of my top novels of 2015, but one of the best I’ve ever read. It’s…eclectic, and difficult to put into words. For a novel … Continue reading

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“I will never, ever stop.” – Heaven Sent (Doctor Who)

Two things were highlighted in the run-up/buzz/promotion for Series 9 of Doctor Who: the first was that Game of Thrones’ Maise Williams would be guest-starring in a run of episodes, and the second was that there would be an episode … Continue reading

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Binge Watch Diary – Jessica Jones (Part 2)

Ain’t nobody got time to write a thousand words on each episode of these Netflix shows, when they’re all released together in huge 13-hour chunks. So I’m trying a new format: just jotting down some quick observations and impressions from … Continue reading

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Binge Watch Diary – Jessica Jones (Part 1)

So the second of the TV series produced by the Marvel/Netflix team-up is here (after the megahit Daredevil). Since I’m really (too much) into both Marvel comics and detective noir, I’d love to write an episode-by-episode analysis of this series…. … Continue reading

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“There’s no nice way to say you’re about to die.” – Face the Raven (Doctor Who)

(Full spoilers) (….) Oh wow, they killed off Clara two episodes before the season finale. Wasn’t expecting that… A mysterious death sentence connected to a shadowy raven draws the Doctor and Clara to a kind of alien Diagon Alley hidden … Continue reading

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Comics Chat – Week of November 18th

A new feature we’re starting today: here’s what I thought of the comics I read this week! Star Wars – Vader Down #1 Jason Aaron (Writer) and Mike Deodato (Artist) The start of the first big Star Wars comics crossover … Continue reading

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“None of this makes any sense.” – Sleep No More (Doctor Who)

Someone on the Doctor Who writing staff has obviously been paying attention to all those recent internet thinkpieces about the value of sleep, how modern life is degrading our sleep, and the stories of people trying to “hack their sleep … Continue reading

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“Who says I am alone?” – The Woman Who Lived (Doctor Who)

After a stretch of episodes brooding over death and mortality, Doctor Who takes a break this week to remind us that living forever is also pretty hard… Wandering around the 18-somethings England, the Doctor bumps into Maise William’s Ashildr, who … Continue reading

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