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The Magic Of Disney: My top 5 Disney Movies

Disney. Just saying the word makes you feel good inside. Or at least me. Whenever I go to our nation’s fair capital, no matter what kind of time constraints I’m under, the Disney store is getting visited. And something’s going … Continue reading

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The Compensatory Element of Storytelling – Charm

This post comes off the back of my having finished rewatching BBC’s Robin Hood series. When we think of what makes a good story – which we here at WhatElseIsOn do a lot, it’s kind of our thing – regardless … Continue reading

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An Almighty Apocalypse – Thoughts on “You, Me and the Apocalypse”

  Guys. Woah. I’m kind of glad I left two amazing shows from last year until now. Both Fargo, which I’ve mentioned in previous post, and now You, Me and the Apocalypse. I watched You, Me and the Apocalypse this … Continue reading

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Our Best of 2015

Best Novel Noel – The Library at Mount Char, by Scott Hawkins.  This isn’t just one of my top novels of 2015, but one of the best I’ve ever read. It’s…eclectic, and difficult to put into words. For a novel … Continue reading

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Five Festive Favourites

Ah Christmas movies. An integral part of the festive season. Picture this – the biscuits are open. A hot cup of coffee, warm to the touch. The rains pelting off the window. The fire’s roaring. Your peripheral vision is filled … Continue reading

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My Favourite Festive TV Specials

I LOVE Christmas. I’m that guy who only like Halloween because as soon as it’s over, it’s time to get ready for Christmas. The guy who put up his tree two weeks ago. The guy who’s sitting here in a … Continue reading

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Bizarre Bookshelves-The Library at Mount Char review

Rehash. Remake. Same old same old. It’s everywhere. Books, movies, video games, television. The same old formulae, again and again. The upside is that when something truly original comes along, it shines all the brighter. Such is the case with … Continue reading

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